About – Kodi Dustin Photography


Meet Kodi

Hi, my name is Kodi!
I first fell in love with photography when I had my own senior pictures taken. It was such a new experience to me to get dressed up and to be photographed, it made me feel so special to have that photographer spend time with me and deliver such beautiful images as a result.
It was right there in that moment that I decided that everyone should feel that way at some time, and I wanted to be the one to help make it happen! Everyone should feel beautiful and special!
My husband and I are currently based in Bozeman, MT. We love to travel and see new places. But on an average day we love to go on drives, snuggle on the couch, and eat large bowls of ice cream with lots of whip cream and chocolate syrup!
I am proud graduate from Idaho State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Photography and Business. I am so grateful for all the places photography has taken me, will take me, and for all the wonderful people that photography has introduced me to.
I hope to meet you soon!